Plantronics B825 Voyager Focus


Plantronics uses the slogan ”You’re not just on the call. You’re in it” and that is not far from the truth in my humble opinion.

I used this headset for about a month before Christmas and I really did not want to give it up. This is by far one of the very best office headsets I have ever used and I´m going to explain why in this post.


One of the hardest things to get a hold off if you are an office worker today is headsets that combine work and leisure. You want to be talking on the softphone and don’t want to be disturbed by colleagues and surroundings. You also want to listen to your favorite music or just block out the typical office noise, so you can focus on the tasks ahead. That is not an easy task let me tell you, because there are not many headsets like that on the market.


Well your search is over, because it doesn´t get much closer than the B825 Voyager Focus. It offers Active noise cancelling in both the headphones and the microphone. So now you can both listen to your favorite music and have a serious conversation back to back without disturbance from your surroundings. Now you might be thinking of other headsets such as the Bose Quiet Comfort 25, which is a great headset, but it is not an office headset. The B825 UC version is certified for Avaya, Cisco, Skype and more. While the B825-M version is Skype for Business certified. The light weight (155gram) and the on-ear cushions makes it a very comfortable headset to wear. Plantronics claim that the headset has a roaming range off about 30 meters (98feet); I do not think this is actually a factual number. I experienced issues already at half that distance, since there are too many disturbances in the modern office. Until Plantronics produce the B825 Voyager Focus as a DECT headset you would just need to accept this.

Pros Cons
Skype certified Shorter range than what is claimed
Active noise cancelling
Headset smart sensor



  • Headset works seamlessly between Bluetooth devices such as Laptop, smartphone, tablet, smart watch and desktop phone.
  • A smart sensor that answers your call just by merely putting the headset on your head or mutes the conversation by taking it off.
  • Voice messenger that tells you ”who´s calling”, if your in mute, connection and battery level.
  • Active noise cancelling in the microphone. The 3 precision mics with enhanced DSP will remove all background noise.
  • OpenMic-button lets you hear your surroundings even with the headset on.
  • Active noise cancelling in the headphones.
  • Charging dock for the headset.
  • Speaking time: up to 12 hours, 10 hours with Active noise cancelling.
  • Listening time: up to 15hours, 12 hours with Active noise cancelling.
  • Roaming range off 30 meters (or about 98 feet).


Plantronics also offers a product they call Plantronics Hub™, a software that offers:

  • Answer button on the headset for most of the softphones on the market.
  • Battery indicator on your laptop´s toolbar.
  • Control Centre where you can change and adapt the functions on the headset.





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