Arthur Holm

The most exclusive meeting room equipment in the world?

University of Kuwait

The Danish company now owned by Albiral Display Solution in Spain is on the cutting edge of design, technology and style. They produce beautiful interior designs that actually work as videoconference equipment.

Their products are unique, elegant and lavish, Arthur Holm chosen to take it to the next level. They decided last year to produce their meeting room screens in yellow gold. Insane some would say, but they have found their audience in the oil sector, banks, education and governmental institution.

Arthur Holm only fit the most prestigious of meeting rooms, boardrooms and auditoriums. They have done this for congresses and parliaments all over the world. Only quality metals such as aluminum and gold make their products.

Some of their biggest customers consist of the European Parliament, Porsche, Kuwait national assembly, Gazprom, Qatar Olympic committee and the list goes on and on.

My first experience with Arthur Holm was this year at ISE 2016 (Integrated systems Europe) in Asterdam, I’ve heard some talk, but no first hands experience. So when I finally saw their stand I had to take a look and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s sleek, functional, stylish and straight up cool. I don’t seem to be the only one because the recent years they have won loads of design and innovation designs.

I believe that having individual screens, BYOD, sharing content through wireless devices obviously are the future of meeting rooms and huddle rooms. You see more and more large manufacturers are doing it such as Polycom, Crestron, Cisco etc, but Arthur Holm is doing it with swag.


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