What is WiGig?

WiGig Dock from Lenovo

WiGig was developed in 2009 by the Wireless Gigabit Alliance and its based on the IEEE 802.11AD technology. WiGig technology runs on the 60GHZ band and it can support data speeds of up to 7 Gbps. A conglomerate of companies all members of Wireless Gigabit Alliance uses the WiGig technology such as Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm etc.

So what is IEEE 802.11AD then?

It is basically a microwave Wi-Fi signal that travels on the 60GHz band to avoid interference and the needed bandwidth. Regular Wi-Fi operates on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, but after Wireless Gigabit Alliance and Wi-Fi alliance united powers; you now get a seamless transition between the systems.

wigig dell
WiGig Dock from Dell

WiGig technology are now getting popular in docks, companies such as Lenovo, HP and Dell in their new Laptops. But I bet we will see more of WiGig in routers in the future.

wigig router
WiGig Router from TP-Link

The biggest issue with WiGig right now is the short range of the 60GHz band, it can reach across a room but not much more than that. It can not penetrate, walls, floors or roof, so when roaming away from the dock it can change protocol and switch to much lower rates, that actually can penetrate walls, floors and roofs.


If your curious about WiGig and wants to read some more, I recommend this article from PCWorld: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2048404/wigig-is-great-but-wont-replace-your-wi-fi-network.html





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