Jabra Evolves series

jabra headphones

The Jabra Evolve series is the new and fashionable headset obviously marked to separate itself from the rest of the more anonymous headsets in the business headset segment.

The Evolve series include 5 models:

  • Evolve 20
  • Evolve 30
  • Evolve 40
  • Evolve 65
  • Evolve 80

I am not going to write anything about the entry level headsets Evolve 20 or 30, just because all my experience usually tell me that costumers are usually unhappy with the qualities of entry models.


For each of these models (which are all stereo models) there are equivalent mono models the exception being Jabra Evolve 80, which only comes as a stereo model.


Evolve 40:


Has passive noise cancellation, but unfortunately not active noise cancelling, these on ear headsets sits nicely on the ear with its leatherette ear cushions and sound is good, but it does not cover background noise that great if you work in a noisy environment. A cool feature is the integrated busy light in the side of the headset. It is compatible with your smart device though its 3.5mm mini jack, which also connect with Jabras control unit. The Evolve 40 lets you transfer your Skype for Business call to your Smartphone.

Cost: about $95.


Evolve 65:


The Evolve 65 is basically the same headset as the Evolve 40 (on-ear), but it is wireless. Wireless connectivity for about 30m/100m according to Jabra and believe that is quite accurate, the battery time is about 10 hours.

It connects to your smart device through Wireless and NFC, which works seamlessly between you phone and computer (you have to use the USB sender in your computer). But you can’t transfer call between your computer and smartphone. Since its wireless you do not have the control unit, but you can pick up the phone by pushing the button on the side of the headset.

Cost: About $180


Evolve 80:

jabra 80

The Evolve 80 are Jabra’s high-end active noise cancelling headset (ANC), they are a over ear headset, so they basically cancel a lot of noise even before even putting on the ANC. I used these for some time and music sounds great, the active noise cancelling works a little to good for me. After a few hours on my head I got a headache and this happened almost every time I used them for a longer period. But they will definitely keep noise out and keep you in your zone.

These also have the integrated busy light and control unit.

In my opinion these are the best over ear headset in the business world.

Cost: about $329.



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