Logitech Professional Presenter R800

R800 1

Are you in the business of presenting or educate, then I´m sure that the products Im introduce now is the right product for you. It will keep your presentations flowing much more naturally and freely.

The Logitech R800 is a wireless presenter with a LCD display that helps you keep a track of battery and time. You can even put on vibrating alerts to keep time of time or your schedule. On the front below the LCD display it has two slide buttons to control the slides in your presentation. The R800 has powerful green laser so you can point on whiteboards and LCD screens, which will make your presentations much more dynamic.


The range of the R800 is up to 100-foot (30 meter) so you now you can move freely in the room and not be confined to in front of a computer just next to the “stage”.

It has a plug and play mini receiver that you need to plug into the USB port on your computer to establish contact with you computer. It runs on two AAA batteries and it has a carrying case to put it in when you are on travels.

R800 2

Product Specification:

– Green laser pointer
– 100-ft (30 m) effective range with 2.4 GHz wireless technology
– LCD display with timer, battery-power and reception-level indicators
– Built-in slideshow buttons
– Storable plug-and-play receiver
– On/off switch
– Carrying case



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