Polycom RealPresence Debut

Polycom created the Debut for small and medium sized businesses and mid-market customers that want to upgrade from consumer quality video to enterprise quality video. The Debut works best in smaller meeting places and huddle rooms.

debut 2
The Debut is a all in one device which are easy enough to install with just two simple cables to connect and it up and going. You will configure it through RealPresence Resource Manager if you are a enterprise customers and its easy connects to Polycoms cloud-services.

Many meeting rooms in this day and time have dual screens, but the debut only have a single HDMI exit. There are other limitations too as I now will explain further.
debut 1.jpg

The Debut does unfortunately not have a native Skype for business integration. Which for me is a major no no, especially since Skype for Business is growing each day and becoming a more integral part of communication in companies.
Another issue with the Debut is the lack of compatibility with other Polycom devices, it does not run the same software as the group series, nor can you use the same microphone or remote control as the group series. Which makes no sense since Polycom manufacture both products.


The Polycom Debut is meant for small rooms such as huddle rooms and there not be any confusion about that. Not only is it not compatible with other Polycom devices, but it does not work with third party control systems such as Crestron or AMX.

At the end of the day the Polycom Debut is a solid device it works good with all the limitations it got. Nothing more and nothing less. If you want a cheaper device, that works similar and that works with Skype for Business I would recommend Logitech Group.

Product specifications:

  • 1080p30 video quality for sharp, clear images
  • Full 1080p HD content for sharing even the most detailed documents with clarity
  • HDMI input for content sharing
  • Polycom SmartPairing for wireless content sharing from mobile devices and laptops
  • Compact design fits atop flat panel displays: 13.4” W x 3.7” H x 1.8” D (340mm x 95mm x 46mm)
  • Power over Ethernet support for single-cable for power and data
  • Integrated dual stereo microphones, optional expansion microphone available
  • Polycom NoiseBlock technology to eliminate distracting background sounds
  • H.323 and SIP support
  • Polycom Lost Packet Recovery (LPR) technology
  • Media Encryption (H.323, SIP): AES-128


debut 4


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