1st step automation: the power synchro.

Automation is obviously more popular than ever before with low entry products such as NFC and Sonos to more high end Crestron Pyng and the list goes on and on. The thought of automation can sometimes be very scary if you don´t have a programming background. But that could not be further from the truth as long as you are willing to give it a shot,  manufacturers are trying to make it as easy as possible. Crestron and Sonos has made graphical user interfaces (also known as GUI) that should make it easy to create it as you want it.

Well what I want to present now is a small little device, but oh man how much it does for you user experience in the office, meeting room or even at home.

So what am I talking about?
The Grandview Power Synchro Relay, a 12 voltage wireless trigger solution for motorized Grandview screens. Other manufactures will have their own power synchro´s, but I will only describe Grandview.
Often when you buy a motorized screen you will need to use a remote control to get the screen down, which might offer some challenges. Usually because you can never find the remote control, which always has a tendency to get lost or are low on batteries.

So how does the Grandview Power Synchro Relay work?
You install the first piece of the puzzle into the screen and power it, the next step it to install the second piece into your projector and boom your done.

Where the Synchro is plugged.

Product specifications:
Input Voltage:220V
Voltage Frequency :50/60Hz
Max Input/output power :5A
Power Input:UI817
Power Output:IEC320
Transmitting Power:2.5mW
Modulation Method: FM
Transmitting Frequency: 868MHz


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