Microsofts Project Rigel, the exciting future of meeting rooms.


People in the Audio visual and meeting room business have heard about Microsofts Project Rigel for some time now, most of what has been released are reputations. But not too long ago more information was leaked and it seems like Microsoft have gone into cooperation with Logitech, Polycom and Crestron. In my mind this is truly a genius move by Microsoft. Many businesses wants the very smart meeting room technology, but might not be able to afford it, but now they have  low end, mid-range and high end options.

Microsoft attempt with Project Rigel is to break with the traditional meeting rooms and bring in a smart and easy to use Skype 4 Business system into your video conferencing rooms.
Project Rigel is basically a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro in a enclosure from Logitech, Polycom and Crestron. The device will be preinstalled with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype 4 Business with possibilities to share content on screen and to use it basically as a whiteboard.

You definitely need more components if you want the full experience with video, sound and microphone. There are som products that is recommended.
Logitech ConferenceCam Connect
Logitech Group
Logitech PTZ
Polycom RealPresence Trio
Polycom CX5100
– Crestron (all products)
Rigel_Release_1.jpgOne of the great things with the Project Rigel (Skype room systems) products means that you can re-use your old meeting room screen, dumb tv, smart tv or projector. It doesn´t matter because the functionality is in the add-ons.

The Logitech smart dock is expected ready for sale during Q4 2016, while Crestron and Polycom will release their devices during Q1 2017.



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