ISE 2017: Day 2.

Day 2 was a walk through the visual section of ISE. A short walk through the screen and LED halls really gets your eyes working. Beautiful 4k and 8k screens, LED down to 1.2mm, LED Sculptures and LED floors and 4k laser projectors.

This is usually one of my favorite areas together with audio. Most of the manufacturers had really stepped up this year and they really impressed me with their stands, products and innovations.

My two favorite stands was Aoto with their 500 inch 8k LED screen, that was basically insane to look at and really a highlight. And lastly the best stand on the whole of ISE in my opinion was LG. Their OLED screens are really the future of screens and not to forget their wallpaper screens, that are only 3.65mm thick and connects to the wall with magnets.

500″ 8k screen from Aoto
LG wallpaper screen


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