Kuando Busylight


Does your office have open floor plan solution? Does your co-worker come to your desk and bug you at the wrong times? Does the disturbances annoy the hell out of you?

The solution is to flag your availability to everyone around you, so they know when you are busy or available.


Plenom has created the Kuando Busylight which basically is a lamp mounted to your desk, it communicates with Skype for Business or Lync. Plenom has made 2 products of busylights the Alpha and the Omega, the Alpha are aimed at PC´s and laptops, while the Omega are bigger and for cubicles.

You will never miss a call with the Busylight because it has adjustable volume, ringtones that you choose for yourself and it flashes on incoming calls. And if you happen to be away from you’re desk while you´ve gotten an incoming call the light flashes every 4 seconds to indicate a missed call.

The presence indicator syncs up with Skype 4 Business and Lync and lets your environment know if you’re busy or not. You have 3 main colors offered by the Busylight, but you can create your own colors as well.


The one drawback with this product is that it is not compatible with Mac or Lync Attendant Console.

Plenom also offer the KuandoBox for better integration if you still are one of those that uses a desk phone, this improves your presence drastically when connect with Skype for business or Lync. So basically you can connect your desk phone with your computer and then you can updates your presence.


 Product Specifications:

– Multi color LED light
– Built in speaker
– Memory chip with ringtones & IM tone
– USB connected (HID device)
– 3 meter cord


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Miss mariss says:

    where can you purchase this product?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Geetchy says:

      Hi Miss mariss
      You can check out plenom.com who distribute the Kuando Busylight worldwide. They’ll inform you about availability in your country. I also know that Amazon sells it.


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